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Alexandra (Alexi) Senske

Alexi Senske, Founder of Trop Aqua Wellness is a fitness enthusiast, certified PiYo instructor, wife and mother to a handsome little boy. Alexi is a Texas native born and raised in the City of Houston. It wasn’t until her postpartum rebirth that she discovered her passion for living and leading a healthy lifestyle.  Her feet may be planted in the Lone Star State but her soul is swimming the ocean blue.  She aims to inspire, encourage, and drive those who are looking to improve their over all well-being.

How did you get into fitness?

I wanted to get into fitness after having my son. I couldn’t find the time and I didn’t know where to start.  At 17 months postpartum a friend of mine took me to a PiYo class. After that I was hooked and began doing it regularly at home!

IMG_7484How do you stay holistically fit?

I exercise 30-45 minutes a day 6 days a week.  I cook all of my own meals from scratch and make a green smoothie or juice daily!

What keeps you motivated?

My friends in the fitness world keep me motivated. Being able to see someone you know transform into greatness is awe-inspiring.  My coaching team keeps me motivated too.  It’s so nice having a sense of community, support, and the extra push just when you need it! They wouldn’t let me fall off if I wanted to.

What is your current goal(fitness goal)…how do you plan to obtain it?

My current fitness goal is to work on my back flexibility.  I have never been able to do the splits so that’s on the agenda too.  I plan to add more yoga and stretching to my current at home fitness routine.

What tips can you give to women who want to get into shape after having a baby?DSCF2198

First, remember that moms are beautiful creatures – in addition to making a tiny human your body changes and expands so quickly during that nine month span so don’t pressure yourself to get back to your pre-baby body in a short amount of time. I recommend waiting until the healing process is complete and
you have a steady routine with your little bambino! If nursing, nutrition should be the primary area of focus.  Nursing is also the best way to “lose the baby weight” quickly and retract your uterus to its original size.  Exercise should be introduced gradually beginning with gentle postpartum core exercises.  After the core
has improved, I would start with a routine that is low impact yet effective!

Upcoming challenges? Where to sign up?

I have new PiYo challenge groups open at the beginning of every month!  For more information email

About Trop Aqua Wellness:

Trop Aqua Wellness is a virtual destination for inspiration and motivation to help you lead a fulfilling, vital, and healthy life.  We believe that with the right balance of nutrition, daily exercise and self-nurturing, you can exponentially benefit all aspects of life and create a happier healthy you! Trop Aqua Wellness offers: fitness tips and challenges, nutritional advice, healthy recipes, one on one coaching, accountability and support!


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