SOVI FIT is your trusted resource for high quality products and information for your active lifestyle. We specialize in holistic products and active wear. SOVI FIT plants on tree for every product purchased.

At SOVI FIT we believe in being completely fit or holistically fit. Being holistically fit is all about addressing the body as a whole and understanding the interdependence of its parts. Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected. This plays an important role in fitness because when one lacks, they all lack. When all three are addressed as a whole, and working in unison, you can produce powerful positive changes physically and emotionally.

Holistic fitness focuses the importance of awareness and intention. We encourage our community to be conscious of their surroundings, motives and emotions. When you are aware of how different people, activities, foods, and events can affect your mood and behavior you are on your way to constructing a healthy lifestyle. At SOVI FIT we believe that holistic fitness is an ongoing process of awareness, self-discovery and transformation. With this approach in mind we aim to support the SOVI FIT community in the following ways:

All natural skin care products
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